Mid Century, Scandinavian, Kitsch, and Candles by Modernify

Modernify is a natural consequence of a lifetime of thrifting. Growing up thrifting was a necessity, and eventually it became engrained in my personality. I love the thrill of finding an exciting item and knowing that I can rescue it and find it a perfect home. My goal is to connect these unique vintage finds with owners that will love them and preserve them for years to come. Everyone should be able to have something fun, funky, or beautiful in their home.

Modernify Candles came about as an answer to the thrifting hobby as well. I often find beautiful single glasses or small jars in thrift stores that I know will end up breaking on the shelves if they aren't purchased. By using these items to create candles I can give them a second life which ultimately leads to less waste! When you purchase one of our repurposed vintage candles you are keeping an item out of the landfill and are getting a totally one-of-a-kind candle for your home.

Based in sunny Orlando & the Space Coast of Florida.